Statement on the Effectiveness of Lucia N°03

Stories from the light: NYC,
Austin and Laguna Beach
Statement on the Effectiveness of Lucia Nº03
Purchasing a Lucia – New Financing Option for the US and Canada
Upcoming Events - Traveling Light Winter Tour
Call to Action - stories about the light, art inspired by the light, etc.

Lucia N°03 Congress in Austria:
Heliotropic Breathwork by Dr. Engleburt Winkler
Lucia N°03 Biofeedback by Dr. Dirk Proeckl
New Lucia N°03 Software 3.0 by Martin Duschek
Lucia N°03 Community Workshop by Allison Pelissier
Creation of the Lucia N°03

Lucia Light Newsletter – November, 2015 by Allison Pelissier

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