Concept NeuroArt 

Lucia N°03 launched the concept „NeuroArt – Art is the key to getting better“
in the exclusive Austrian journal „MilionArt Kaleidoscope 3.17 ( The journal was presented on Sep 21st 2017 at Porsche Innsbruck ( It was a gorgeous event.

What does the concept „NeuroArt“ mean?
Dr. Engelbert Winkler believes that the light experience provided by Lucia N°03 is an evolutionary step for art. Quote Winkler: „For centuries, art represented what was created by an artist. You therefore needed someone to make something and, consequently, an audience to admire it. The act of creation and the act of consumption were different. … the next logical step … Our Lucia N°03 provides what we´ve dubbed „NeuroArt“, as these two people become one. …The journal is available:…/kaleidoscope-3-17/ . Some photos show paintings of Anja Es (

Lot of thank to Magdalena and Hubert for allowance to publish!

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