Light stimulus triggers meditative picts in the brain - "Salzburger Nachrichten" 12.07.2011.

Light stimulus should trigger meditative images in the brain - Report in daily paper "Salzburger Nachrichten",
Interview Dr. Engelbert Winkler.

Report available in German language: PDF

Test Magazine "Meine Gesundheit" 2011.

At the Saluscenter Zürich, Lucia N°03 was presented on the occasion of the international congress SSAAMP on 18.9.2010 at the Dolder Grand Hotel. Info

The first sales partners were found with Andreas Hefel (at that time Hepart AG, CH) and Theodor Ott (at that time Procare Innomed GmbH, CH).The magazine "Meine Gesundheit” (means: My Health) even tested the meditation lamp Lucia N°03 ... a test person reports, quote: "Now, after each session, I got the feeling that I had an intense short sleep, which brought me energy and conjured away the stress pressure in my head".

report available in German language: PDF

Development of Lucia N°03 Hypnagoge Light Experience.

A near-death experience at the age of seven triggered the development of the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp.
In an interview with Martin Duschek, Dr. Engelbert Winkler describes the development that resulted from practice. He refers to theoretical backgrounds and that people have always used light as a healing experience.

Interview How Lucia N°03 evolved - Winkler 2011

The first prototype of Lucia N°03 was made of a coffeemashine (in front, red device)
and was developed to the device one can see in the background.

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