Who is Lucia N°03 suitable for?

The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 Practitioner System is used both in private and professional context.

Persons who purchase or operate a Lucia N°03 Practitioner System are carefully trained beforehand and receive a certificate after completing their training, which allows them to work as "Light Attendants".

Would you like to integrate the Lucia N°03 Practitioner System meditation lamp into your enterprise? Here we list some examples.

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Lucia N°03 Home Portal, on the other hand, is suitable for individual use, for workshops and group experiences.
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Wellness Center integrates Lucia N°03

The Wellspring Integrative Wellness Center offers classes, therapies, specialized programs and a spa …  bringing together cutting edge technologies (such like Lucia N°03 meditation lamp), world class programs … Wellspring is an oasis of mindfulness, a source of rejuvenating and replenishing energy. It is a place where you can leave the world behind and focus on yourself for a few important moments. ... Wellspring programs have been designed with the intent to support our visitors in making significant and lasting lifestyle changes, which many ... Wellspring also offers a concierge service, through which an outstanding and personalized service is provided to ensure ...
USA: Wellspring Integrative Center & Spa in Yelm

Float Lounge & Lucia N°03

Rosanne Ramirez & Jeff Brion love to combine Hypnagogic Light Experience with floating: As a QHHT Practitioner and C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Rosanne’s passion and commitment focuses on mental, emotional and spiritual awareness.
… supporting her clients to connect with their highest self, receive the clearest ... The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is constantly being used.

Through Jeff’s work with his clients he teaches a multi-disciplinary approach of physical integration, postural correction/strengthening, myo-fascial release/stretching, spinal decompression, mobilization techniques, mental-movement coordination, moving meditation and holistic lifestyle principles and nutrition. Jeff’s passion is healing through movement. His teachings evoke you to ...
The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 supports his work, in that the Hypnagogic Light Experience leads away from everyday stress and opens the way to the essential.
USA: Float Lounge Laguna Beach

Neuroscience uses Lucia N°03

The co-developer Dr. med. Dipl. Psych. Dirk Proeckl uses his lamp individually but also in a specially developed overall concept that combines biofeedback, neurofeedback, psychedelic light experience and microdosing (based on the concept of J. Fadiman).

On the basis of his study of psychology and medicine with a focus on neuroscience (research and clinical practice), he pursues the goal, to use the importance of psychedelic experience in everyday life also for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, migraine and others.

Coaching combines Nathal method & Lucia N°03

Elfriede Neustädter is Light Attendant since the start of our company in March 2011. – Elfie´s choaching usually starts with the Hypnagogic Light Experience to eliminate the daily stress of her clients. This is the optimal entry e.g. in a topic but also the best preparation for a Nathal seminar. As a coachee she uses Lucia N°03 as an instrument. She does not want to miss it anymore, because it opens the door to her/himself qucily. This in turn makes coaching more efficient.
Austria: Stressless coaching with Lucia N°03

Psychotherapy - revolutionary approach using Lucia N°03

The co-developer Dr. Engelbert Winkler uses the Hypnagogic Light Experience as an instrument in his psychological practice. He speaks of the revolution of psychotherapy in the light of current research: well-founded successes by e.g. microdosing can be achieved. However, psychedelic substances are not allowed in most countries. Since the Lucia N°03 meditation lamp induces alternative states of consciousness quickly, legally and without side effects, Engelbert works very successfully with it.
More about current research (Engl up from page 3).
More about in his essay (Engl up from page 5).
Austria: In addition, a special field of research is dying, especially since his near-death experience at the age of seven years led to the development of Lucia N°03.

Retreats & Workshops with Lucia N°03

Tranquil Retreats provides a range of retreats, workshops, TaiChi & QiGong classes and online live meditations ...1-1 TaiChi, QiGong & meditation sessions ... therapies & treatmnts and Lucid Light Experiences.
The retreats are held in various locations, other services are covered in London, Cambridge, Essex & East Herts. … The clients include local Government, the NHS, private companies as well as individuals ...
UK: Tranquil Retreats Leena de Silva

Business ideas – 1000 Petals India

Amitabh Swetta at 1000 Petals offers you to own a 1000 Petals centre of your own and spread the love of awakened consciousness to other people: To become a franchisor with us you will have to be driven with a single purpose… helping people to achieve better with the help of our cutting edge meditative processes. We will be working together hand in hand to achieve our goals. Our focus would be to make you succeed in your business. – Lucia N°03 has not been the only but an important part of this idea.
India: 1000 Petals a modern franchise option

Energy Work with Lucia N°03

Waxela Sanada energy work and spiritual accompaniment is a one-person Florida based company focused on spiritual energy. She combines different types of energy work, e.g. with a gong. Waxela chose Lucia N°03. She applies the hypnagogic light experience in her practice as the main element and combines it with spiritual elements and above all with the magic of gong.
USA: Waxela Sanada energy Works and spirit Guide sculpture - Lucid Light Florida

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