Videos contain footage of an extremely rapid flashing light, and should not be viewed by people who have epilepsy.


The stillness you deserve
AJ Paolella, USA 2016
01:01 min
Quote: "... First journey for new client; cracking open the heart chakra, ... "

The Lucid Light Experience - London Cambridge Essex
Tranquil Retreats , UK 2016
01:00 min

Quote: "... A truly unique experience facilitated by the Lucid Light machine's patented software. ..."

Lucia N°03 the original with patent and inventor awards.

The Lucid Light Experience
Tranquil Retreats , UK 2014
02:41 min

Quote: "... the kinetic light device stimulates neurotransmitters that facilitate harmonic patterns of the frequencies in different parts of the brain, which are usually only attainable after practicing meditation for many years. The Lucid Light Experience creates a sense of deep relaxation, dissipating the sensation of time and space, allowing the viewer to experience different dimensions of the self. ..."

dobraida  2011
01:56 min

Individual experiences of unknown people with Lucia N°03.

Time in the Light UK
EN.S17.TV  2015
02:14 min

Quote: "... Dr. Engelbert Winkler´s observation that NDEs can improve health and even generate spontaneous recovery, .... as patients have reported not only that their healing was effectively improving but also a notion of timelessness, a feeling of being dissolved in the light, contacts with the dead, out-of-body experiences, and mystical experiences...."


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